Early Gus Concept

An Early GUS NITROUS concept by Jia Le Zhang

Exoids Fly

Quick, agile and precise, the JetFly is an elite long range fighter Bot.

The Latest Image from Exoids


Here’s the latest image from Exoids, another still frame from our animated short.

New Still from Exoids


Here’s yet another still frame from Exoids.

Another Final Frame


Here’s another final frame from our upcoming animated short, Exoids.

New Still Featuring Our Main Character, Gus Nitrous


Here’s another still from the film, and the first look at our new main character, Gus Nitrous.

New Frame from Exoids


Here is the first publicly released frame from Exoids.

One More 3D Model


Here’s one more 3D model from our next animated project, Exoids.

Another 3D Model


Here’s another model from our upcoming MeniThings Productions/Gnomon Studios project.

Exoids CG Vehicle


Here’s the first look at a CG vehicle for Exoids.

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